How the Chinese define great customer satisfaction

China has a massive population that some businesses aim to penetrate with the help of a multilingual call center that can communicate with customers in their native tongue. Among the reasons that make the Mandarin-speaking population a lucrative market is its sheer number. So by connecting with customers using the Chinese language, businesses are able to market themselves to a large number of customers. Read more

4 Metrics that determine a Mandarin call center’s success

Call centers use metrics or key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor their operations and measure the efficiency of their employees and equipment. KPIs determine many things in a Mandarin call center, including ratings and numbers about the firm’s overall performance. Most of the time, these numerical metrics only give statistics without truly reflecting the quality of your customer service. This doesn’t mean, however, that they’re unimportant. Some KPIs are just more significant because they have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Here are four of them: Read more

The winning features of a Philippine-based Mandarin call center

It makes sense that if your business wants to connect better with your growing Chinese customer base, your call center services should be outsourced to a region with a good number of Mandarin speakers. Selecting your outsourcing destination must, however, should not only be based on the size of the population that speaks the language. Other than gathering enough Mandarin call center representatives, you also need to consider the destination’s reputation and experience in the bilingual call center outsourcing industry.

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