Outsource to bilingual call centers with a fun work environment

Chinese entrepreneurs looking to partner with bilingual call centers will always seek out businesses that can provide exemplary customer service without the risk of high attrition. But finding outsourcing companies with few employee resignations is proving to be difficult. This is because the outsourcing industry has been subjected to much stigma, owing to the rigid work processes commonly found in such settings. In turn, this causes high attrition and turnover rates across the whole industry, including bilingual services. Read more

4 Signs that a bilingual call center can keep up with your growth

Most business owners think that in order to provide the best customer service, they must outsource to the biggest call centers in the industry. However, size is not always a clear indicator of a company’s abilities. Sure, it does translate to credibility as it allows an organization to cater to more clients at the same time or to take on bigger jobs, but this alone is not enough. Read more

Can your bilingual call center really attain customer satisfaction?

The end goal of all business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines is to achieve customer satisfaction. And this is probably why the industry has seen laudable growth in the past decade. Businesses, whether big or small, are taking their services to outsourcing companies in the country. Most of them are confident that customer service providers in the Philippines can fulfill the tasks given to them, or even exceed expectations. Read more

Integrating customer feedback into your call center

Although market research is far from being an exact science, entrepreneurs have all the tools they need to successfully capture new customer sectors in a foreign territory. In the customer service industry, this means keeping up with people’s evolving preferences. Brands, then, have to make sure that the information collected will be reflected in their call center processes. Read more