4 Chinese business etiquette to know by heart

China, the second-largest economy in the world, is known for its fast business growth. As a matter of fact, it expects to grow by 7.2% this year, according to The Asian Development Bank (ADB). The country’s competency in the market makes it lucrative for business ventures.

Foreign brands have been targeting Chinese customers in hopes of making it big in Asia through the massive following they could gain by wooing China. However, the Chinese population proved to be difficult to penetrate because of its fast-evolving consumer demands. This is why companies turn to business communication as a way of building relationship with the people. So, in dealing with Mandarin-speaking customers, it’s important for you and your customer service team to note these Chinese business etiquette to ensure that all transactions and communication strategies translate to successful deals.


Make conversations formal


Chinese nationals take business seriously. Their formal approach often gives off an unfriendly vibe or the impression of being inscrutable by other foreign countries. However, it must be considered that they were taught not to show excessive emotion. So in dealing with customers, formal Mandarin language and business tone must be used, especially when talking to the elderly.


Establish good relationship first


Knowing people on a personal level is important in the Chinese culture. They take time to know a person first before pushing for business transactions. Usually, they require an intermediary before making the first contact. Hence, being patient in interacting with Chinese nationals is important. This allows both parties to build a connection that’s grounded in mutual trust before venturing into any deals.


Be a good negotiator


Chinese people are naturally business-minded and astute negotiators. This is why dealing with their market requires expertise in sales and patience in order to seal deals. Sometimes, customers throw a fit or show a sense of urgency to arrive at a deal that would benefit them. However, business owners and their customer service teams must find the balance between keeping the products profitable and trying to be flexible to meet the demands of clients. This is to ensure customer satisfaction and financial gain are aligned with each other.


Offer gifts


China gives importance to gift-giving in order to strengthen guanxi (relationship between two people). However, they may show reluctance at first. So, it’s a must to be persistent until the gift is accepted. To woo your Chinese customers, you may want to offer significant gifts to leave a good impression. This is a good start to show your good intentions in doing business transactions with them.


Knowing these Chinese business etiquette is important in dealing with their market. This is to ensure smooth communication and successful outcome in every transaction.



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