4 Metrics that determine a Mandarin call center’s success

Call centers use metrics or key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor their operations and measure the efficiency of their employees and equipment. KPIs determine many things in a Mandarin call center, including ratings and numbers about the firm’s overall performance. Most of the time, these numerical metrics only give statistics without truly reflecting the quality of your customer service. This doesn’t mean, however, that they’re unimportant. Some KPIs are just more significant because they have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Here are four of them:


•     First-call resolution (FCR)


You achieve first-call resolution if your agents are able to solve problems within the customer’s first call, making follow-ups or callbacks unnecessary. This is a metric that your customer care team should ace because of how it benefits both your customers and your company.

A high FCR rate also means high satisfaction, letting the customers know that you value them enough to not waste their time waiting for a solution to their concerns. Your call center, on the other hand, can keep agents from getting irate customers and lower operating costs as you lessen instances of repeat calls.


•     Response time


The response time is determined by how fast a customer service representative (CSR) responds to a call. This KPI is target-based and closely tied to your targets—keeping this at a minimum reflects how accessible you are to people. The response time also indicates if you are well-staffed and if you deliver quality customer experience, since making customers wait can be equated to bad service.


•     Self-service availability


Self-service options (customer service apps, FAQ pages, etc.) are indispensable tools for modern call centers that need aid in the voice operations. Your call center’s success relies not only on how your phone representatives treat customers, but also on how your self-service platforms do their functions. Investing in and maintaining the latest innovations in business-consumer communication can give you a higher chance of getting ahead of the curb.


•     Forecasting accuracy


If your contact center can estimate customer demands accurately, you can create effective staffing strategies. In turn, this will lower customer frustration, queue period, and telecommunications costs.


Every KPI can indicate your call center’s success, but the ones listed above should be given more weight because of their direct effect on your team’s overall productivity and efficiency.



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