4 Ways to help your call center reps find work-life balance

Well-adjusted call center representatives who lead a balanced lifestyle are generally more productive than others. These employees find it easier to align themselves with the company’s identity, goals, and culture, which drives them to work harder. More so, agents who consciously maintain work–life balance are more likely to grow with a company where they feel valued and cared for.

office employee on skateboard cheered by coworkers

However, it can be challenging for customer support reps to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Their stressful work environment and shifting schedules can make a dent in their physical and mental well-being. This can lead them to underperform or act out on customers. They may even leave the company and cause your employee turnover rates to soar.

Here are four tips on how you can help your reps lead a balanced lifestyle and avoid the negative consequences of burnout.


1.     Help agents’ develop their time management skills.

office supervisor tutoring guiding call center trainee

Efficient time management makes agents more productive in the workplace. Plus, if they can handle all their tasks within the desired time frames, they can keep your call center running like a well-oiled machine. This way, your agents can stop worrying about work when they log out from the office and enjoy the rest of their day as they please.


2.     Encourage agents to take breaks.

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Everyone needs a break from a toxic workday, especially your agents. Remember that they heavily rely on both logic and emotions when dealing with customers, and all that time spent handling different problems can definitely be exhausting for them. If you employ an effective schedule, you will be able to give agents enough time to finish their tasks without having to sacrifice their break time. This can help them reduce the stress they encounter when conversing with customers.


3.     Invest in your agents.

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Invest in your agents by providing them proper training. This will help them become confident in executing their tasks and delivering customer service. This helps employees reduce their worries over their perceived incompetence, which is often a result of exhaustion from work.

In the process, you should also provide performance feedback and rewards depending on employees’ overall performance. Rewards are good motivators and can make agents feel valued for their contribution to the company.


4.     Empower your agents.

office trainee thinking deeply listening intently to lecturer by board

Empowered agents are driven to think outside the box and are quick to provide sound solutions, even when faced with complex customer concerns. They’re driven to propel the success of the company by performing their tasks with utmost care while putting a prime on positive customer experience. At the same time, they know that their well-being should always come first. Thus, they consciously make an effort to find work–life balance. Doing so boosts their productivity, while also letting you keep employee turnover rates low.



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