5 Call center training methods that enhance customer service

With proper training, bilingual agents can place themselves at the forefront of your customer service. As the ones primarily tasked to handle clients’ issues and concerns, they possess the power to foster customer satisfaction and influence engagement. On a larger scale, these achievements can push your business to a state of dynamic growth.
This is why outsourcing companies and business owners alike need to stay updated on the most effective call center training methods to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Training prepares agents for the job itself and ensures that they have the skills and knowledge they need to adapt to the business process outsourcing (BPO) environment. This is especially true for bilingual call centers, as they adopt a multi-cultural office setting, requiring a big adjustment from most employees.

Does your customer service provider incorporate the following learning strategies?


1.     Role-playing

customer service agents chatting

Role-playing places agents in a particular instance of a customer service transaction. When acting out customer calls, make sure to keep it realistic. Those acting as the “customers” must be able to gauge how a real caller would react in different situations.

Role-plays allow managers and team leaders to determine whether an agent can adapt to different situations and cases during a client call.


2.     Demonstrations

While other people learn new skills through written text or visuals, some find live demonstrations more effective. When outsourcing companies train their agents with regard to a new process or a different software, it is better to teach them using actual demos. Walking them through every step of a procedure will help them remember the details better.


3.     Regular training sessions

For the most part, call center training methods would be more effective if they are conducted regularly. This would keep everyone on the loop for new procedures, programs, or software updates. You can also conduct class- or lecture-like training sessions to make modules more memorable.


4.     Small group discussions

Small group discussions allow employees to share ideas and insights with one another. As a training method, this opens the avenue for faster learning and collaboration. This strategy also lets employees form bonds with one another, making their work experience more stimulating.


5.     Performance measurement

female call center agent writing notes in customer service training

Evaluating the performance of your agents would give you an idea about how well adjusted they are to call center work. Also, this will help you determine the aspects that they need to improve on, and you can guide them accordingly as they strive to develop their skills.

Performance measurements would also allow you to monitor the work quality of your entire team, so you can make process revisions or enhancements when necessary.


Bilingual call centers, and all outsourcing companies in general, must be consistent in their aim of providing outstanding customer service. Investing in a number of effective call center training methods will help them shape up as they provide the changing needs of a dynamic market.



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