5 Customer retention strategies for the Chinese market

When catering to Chinese customers, it’s important to note that they consider deep relationships before making any kind of business or purchasing decision. So in order for a company to win over the Chinese-speaking market, they need to establish and maintain a solid relationship with them.

Aside from aiming to get new clients, businesses shouldn’t overlook their crop of existing customers. With continuous support, you keep them thoroughly satisfied that they’ll keep coming back for your products and services, and perhaps even give your referrals. In order to keep them on your list, here are customer retention strategies to put into motion:


1.     Know your customers

The Chinese customer base is vast and culturally diverse. This is why you need to really take time to understand them. While you want to tap a big audience, it’s best to first find your niche market and learn from them. They can serve as your instant research tool to identify areas of improvement before expanding your market.


2.     Build trust


Before Chinese nationals deal with people in different businesses, it can take some frequent conversations until they feel you can be trusted. In trying to build trust with your customers, it’s important to be cautious and sensitive to their needs. One way of doing these is to be proactive every time you get a chance to converse with them. Ask them about their needs and expectations to improve services accordingly.


3.     Give superior treatment


Whether it’s a big or small client, it’s a must to give them superior treatment. With the availability of similar products and services in the market, it’s how you treat customers that can set you apart from the rest. This means anticipating their needs and providing unparalleled customer service. By ensuring you give top of the line treatment, you can expect repeat service and a stream of referrals.


4.     Reconnect with old clients


Aside from potential and existing customers, it’s would also be best to put the spotlight on former consumers. The reasons why they left your brand may immensely vary, but making an effort to reach out to them again can make a difference in bringing them back to your fold. This involves keeping them in the loop whenever your company comes out with something that will benefit them, such as new products, special deals, and giveaways.


5.     Maximize feedback surveys


There is no better way to evaluate current service delivery than conducting feedback surveys. Regardless of the medium used, getting the feedback of clients is essential in knowing how satisfied they are with your current customer service efforts. This can help you plot the next few strategies to use to improve your customers satisfaction initiatives.



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