5 Qualities you should look for when hiring a bilingual agent

Your call center agents are the face of your company. They handle customer concerns and ensure that business with these clients remains smooth and stable. Ideally, agents ensure that customers experience quality customer service. But, like crows, customers remember experiences. Make them happy, you’ll get them to return. Make them feel slighted, and they might not.

So, what do you do to make sure the customers get the treatment they deserve? You hire the right agents. But what makes an agent the right agent? But before hiring one, consider these five qualities a bilingual call center employee must possess.


1.     Culturally sensitive

job applicant interviewed by recruitment personnel

Your bilingual agents must know the culture of their clients well. Cultural sensitivity is defined as a person’s awareness of other people’s culture and practices. A deep understanding of one’s culture is important in preventing confusion or misunderstanding in a transaction. For example, in Chinese context, saving face is paramount. They don’t say no outright so the current harmony won’t get disrupted, sparing you from rejection.


2.     Flexible

Potential call center agents must be able to adapt to different circumstances. Whether they’re facing a chatty customer or a passive-aggressive one or a frustrated one, your employees must have the ability to adjust to meet your clients’ needs.


3.     Calm under pressure

calm young job applicant shaking hands with recruitment officer

Call center work is a metric goal-based job. Workers need to meet quotas, go through various complaints from diverse customers—stay under high-pressure for eight hours a day, five days a week. And when peak hours strike or the holiday season comes, things can get doubly stressful for your employees. Having the ability to maintain calmness despite the situation not only helps your agents go through the day, it also ensures agents won’t rage out on your customers.


4.     Effective communicators

A given trait for contact center agents. Your employees must be able to get their thoughts across and understand their customers without difficulty. They must be able to actively listen, think of a solution, and convey that solution to the customer. Most importantly, the solution must be easily digestible for customers. Effective communication skills show competence and in turn gains the customers’ approval.


5.     Good problem solvers

smart employee

Customer support teams are there to solve the customers’ problems. Critical thinking is vital as it allows your workers to effectively and efficiently and efficiently, using whatever resources they have to do so. They must also be able to think outside the box when the problem’s out of their breadth, without having to escalate the issue.



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