Can your bilingual call center really attain customer satisfaction?

The end goal of all business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the Philippines is to achieve customer satisfaction. And this is probably why the industry has seen laudable growth in the past decade. Businesses, whether big or small, are taking their services to outsourcing companies in the country. Most of them are confident that customer service providers in the Philippines can fulfill the tasks given to them, or even exceed expectations.

problematic female asian call center agent

However, as consumers’ expectations evolve, some fall short of attaining this goal. For Chinese businesses, this could mean implementing stricter standards for their bilingual call center. Can agents keep up with the dynamic state of the market? What can they do to transform the kind of customer service brands want to provide to clients?

But most importantly, you will notice that the most effective call centers understand the value of customer engagement in an industry that constantly changes. Coming up with an exact definition for customer satisfaction may be impossible, but businesses can never go wrong with these three principles.


1.     Customer service does not start and end in a single transaction.

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The best outsourcing companies understand the scope of customer service. It is not something that can be contained in a single phone call or any form of transaction. On the contrary, customer service is an ongoing process. Following this same principle, a bilingual call center together with the brand it represents can only build customer engagement through time. Every single marketing strategy, every customer touchpoint, and every interaction matter. Likewise, every failure or shortcoming can taint a business’ reputation.


2.     It’s all about the customer experience.

delighted asian female on the phone

BPO services in the Philippines have another strength: they embody the country’s cultural trait as a hospitable nation. It is thus not surprising that call center agents in the country are service-oriented and accommodating. For them, service means putting the needs and interests of a customer above their own. This is what enables them to exceed the expectations of their clients and resolve issues more efficiently. Ultimately, this kind of service provides an added value to customers, leading to a unique and pleasurable customer experience.


3.     Happy customers will keep going back for your service.

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One factor that indicates whether your customers are happy is their continued patronage. Do they come back for a second or third purchase? Have they been subscribers for years? Do they recommend you to their relatives and colleagues? With many other brands out there, it is easy to look for alternatives. But if customers stick to your products and services, it is an obvious sign that they believe in what you have to offer.


Indeed, outsourcing companies are facing a big challenge. They have to rise above a very tough market competition and reinvent their strategies to achieve customer satisfaction as it continuously evolves. Can your bilingual call center meet the industry’s rising standards?



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