Empowering your business partnership with your offshore provider

Investing in business process outsourcing means fostering a strong and beneficial relationship with the offshore company you’ve partnered with. This ensure that your business partnership keeps both parties moving forward towards the same goals.

Maintaining a good relationship can be quite challenging, especially when your service provider is in a foreign location and is operating in a different time zone. Focusing on your set objectives, however, can help you work around any challenges and keep the relationship healthy. Here are three tips for strengthen your relationship with your overseas partner:


1.     Establish a consistent communication


Communication plays an important role in any kind of business relationship. Regularly keeping in touch with your business partner helps ensure that your campaigns constantly runs smoothly and that even the tiniest of issues can be anticipated, prevented, or solved immediately. Here, you must be able to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly meetings through any preferred medium, whether it’s over the phone or via a video conference system.


2.     Get to know your business partner


Every company, no matter the size or industry, has its own vision, processes, beliefs, corporate culture, and its own network of business partners. And depending on their location, these companies follow a whole spectrum of local laws and operate with different restrictions. So even before you’ve chosen a capable offshore company to partner with, you need to fully understand your prospects. This ensures that you and your service provider are on the same page, helping you focus on achieving your goals from day one and every step of the way.


3.     Learn to trust your business partner


While being hands-on indeed gives you the ability to fully manage your offshore operations the way you want, it may not exactly be the best for cultivating a good business partnership. Overdoing it may show your overseas partner that you don’t fully trust them and you’re doubting their capability to achieve your set goals. This, of course, is counter-productive and can cause serious dents on your partnership.


Understand that entrusting your campaigns to your offshore business partner doesn’t mean you lose managerial control over your operations. Instead, you’re putting the responsibilities and tasks that you can’t handle in-house to a third-party organization that has proven to be capable of fulfilling them for you. Business partnerships that live by this idealism thrive in the long run.



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