How every contact center agent must handle frustrated customers

Complaint calls made by irate customers are some of the biggest fears of every contact center agent. In such critical situation, your Mandarin call center agents’ ability to maintain composure while affording excellent customer experience is put to test. A good customer support agent can find means to turn the unpleasant situation around.

When handled successfully, complaint calls can serve as opportunities for your agents to prove to your customers that your business values their needs. Here are a few ways that call centers can train their agents to win back the trust of dissatisfied customers:


1.     Pay attention to details


Listening carefully to every detail given by customers can help your agents identify the root cause of the problems being presented to them. Active listening also allows contact center agents to identify other factors that are aggravating the situation and causing customer frustration. When all important details are gathered effectively, agents can easily think of an action plan that they can use in resolving the customer complaints.


2.     Practice patience


The last thing irate customers need when making a complaint call is an impatient agent. More often than not, frustrated callers can be very wordy and hardly understandable. Their emotions may also be clouding their thought process. Patience is therefore key to appeasing their frustration. Responding impatiently or sarcastically can just make things worse. Be patient in waiting for the customer to calm down and then proceed to discussing the solution to his problem.


3.     Set realistic expectations


Agents must always be honest in informing customers about the steps needed to resolve their problems, including the time frame they will require. Setting realistic expectations can prevent frustrated customers from getting further aggravated. Overpromising can be taken as a form of deception and annoy customers even more. Customers must also be presented with all the available options instead of limiting them to the option that is easiest for your agents to execute.


4.     Apologize for the inconvenience


Apologizing is a good way to show sincerity and genuine concern to customers. It’s always best to start responding to a furious customer by apologizing for the inconvenience. It must also be noted that apologizing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re admitting guilt. It can be a way for your agents to show that they understand where the customers are coming from and that they are very much willing to help.


When handling complaint calls, agents must understand that the callers need something more than just solutions to their problems. Agents must let them know that their satisfaction is a priority of the company. A frustrated customer that is dealt with the right way can end up being impressed with the brand’s customer support, which then leads to stronger customer loyalty.



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