Integrating customer feedback into your call center

Although market research is far from being an exact science, entrepreneurs have all the tools they need to successfully capture new customer sectors in a foreign territory. In the customer service industry, this means keeping up with people’s evolving preferences. Brands, then, have to make sure that the information collected will be reflected in their call center processes.

Of course, the best and most reliable sources of customer data are the customers themselves—both existing and prospective ones. It’s one thing to team up with a bilingual call center in order to speak the language of your target market; it’s entirely another thing to provide services that extend far beyond language.

Adding value to your services is only possible if your business can integrate customer feedback into all your processes, including product development and customer support. With such a mechanism in place, you’ll retain more customers and reduce churn.

Gain insights from agents.

Aside from customers, call center agents are also good sources of information. Since they directly talk to customers, your agents know the most common reasons behind complaints. As a result, they’ve probably thought of ways to permanently resolve these commonly occurring problems. The only thing left to do is ask them, weigh their insights, and implement a solution.

Roll out customer satisfaction surveys.


Sales is directly related to customer satisfaction. Dissatisfied customers will abandon your brand, leaving you with no other choice but to spend more money to acquire new customers. In the long run, this simply wouldn’t work.

Using a customer satisfaction survey to guide your sales processes makes for a sustainable strategy. Doing this will automatically let customers know that you care about them, and the insights you’ll gain from the results are perhaps the most priceless asset you can ever have.

Discuss survey results in team meetings.

Nobody likes company meetings, and maybe that also includes you. Despite this, meetings play a big role in culture building and mobilizing your team members.

Discussing customer survey results among your employees will not only make sure that the most useful information reaches everyone in your office. It’s also a great way to encourage everyone to adopt a customer-focused perspective as they deliver the brand’s services on a daily basis.

Compare customer feedback with your sales goals.

As you identify your sales goals, you should use customer feedback to set the direction you should take. If these two aren’t well-aligned, you’d be missing the whole point of conducting a customer satisfaction survey. Your call center can help you reach the company objectives as long as they understand the customers and their expectations.



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