The winning features of a Philippine-based Mandarin call center

It makes sense that if your business wants to connect better with your growing Chinese customer base, your call center services should be outsourced to a region with a good number of Mandarin speakers. Selecting your outsourcing destination must, however, should not only be based on the size of the population that speaks the language. Other than gathering enough Mandarin call center representatives, you also need to consider the destination’s reputation and experience in the bilingual call center outsourcing industry.

The Philippines being home to Mandarin speakers


The Philippines has always been one of the leading and popular destinations of outsourcing clients across the globe, most especially those catering to the Chinese market. In Southeast Asia, the Philippines has one of the largest Chinese communities, with Filipinos of Chinese ancestry comprising 18-27% of its population.

The country, being a multinational hub, is also a second home to numerous Mandarin-speaking foreign nationals who travel to the country for academic or business purposes. This makes the process of scouting native speakers of Mandarin easy to accomplish. Bilingual call centers in the Philippines can therefore guarantee you a culturally rich talent pool.

Understanding expectations of modern customers

Mandarin call centers that are based in the Philippines understand how modern Chinese customers expect brands to engage with them. The Chinese consumer base is among the first to embrace new technological advancements for their purchasing activities. The proliferation of mobile marketing and e-commerce outlets in China is enough proof of this.

Since Filipinos share the same inclination towards digital consumption, they can have a clear grasp of what Chinese customers normally expect from retailers. They can use this in offering customer service and technical support over the phone, email, or live chat. Mandarin call center agents are also trained by Philippine call centers to understand the cultural context of customer concerns through rigorous language and culture training sessions.

Broad experience and solid expertise


Being a part of the world’s outsourcing capital, the Mandarin call centers in the Philippines can gather the best resources for your outsourcing needs. These include technologies, workforce, processes, and facilities. Outsourcing to this low-cost region can equip you with all of these features at a reasonable price. These resources are also maintained through time-tested quality assurance strategies.

The real challenge boils down to just choosing which Philippine bilingual call center is the best for you. That’s why when selecting a partner, you need to interview past and current clients to have a more guided decision. Since you’re outsourcing customer support solutions set in the Mandarin language, look for references who have outsourced the same bilingual services or those who belong to the same industry that you do.

The Philippines has a strong reputation when it comes to call center outsourcing. If you are planning to outsource your customer support, choosing a country that has been acclaimed for its outstanding delivery of services is a wise move. With a strong Mandarin call center as partner, you can now expand your business to new territories and focus on your core operations while your provider takes care of your outsourcing needs.



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