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Mandarin Call Center believes that in order for a business to become truly globally competitive, it must engage with its customers in their language of preference. We help businesses reach this goal by equipping them with topnotch bilingual call center services that are customized to meet their business needs. By outsourcing to Mandarin Call Center, one of Asia’s top providers of Mandarin voice and non-voice customer support services, you can gain a highly proficient workforce that can help you connect with your Chinese customers.

Voice Services

Customer Service – Engaging with your Chinese customers in their native tongue is the best way to understand their needs and concerns. Through Mandarin call center outsourcing, you prevent language barriers from creating a negative impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our Mandarin call center agents are native speakers of the language and are regularly given language and cultural training to make sure they can effectively assist your customers with their needs.

Technical Support – Explaining to your customers how to resolve technical issues concerning your products and services can be a challenge if your agents don’t speak your customers’ language. Mandarin Call Center can be your source of technical support agents who are not only trained to effectively communicate with Chinese customers, but are also experts in dealing with technical issues.

Non-voice Services

Live Chat – For e-commerce businesses, instant messaging or live chat is increasingly becoming a prerequisite to providing excellent customer experience. Mandarin Call Center trains Mandarin-speaking live chat support agents who can assist your customers using this modern support platform. From selection and order-placing to actual purchasing and shipping, our Mandarin live chat support agents can guide your online buyers as they go through the online buying cycle.

Email – Email customer service remains to be a popular option for both businesses and customers. This platform ensures comprehensive exchange of information since it allows support agents to go through their responses several times before finally sending them to customers. By partnering with Mandarin Call Center, your business can have email support agents who will be trained how to utilize this classic communication tool in helping your Chinese customers with their concerns.